18 November 2002

Conservative philosophy -- an oxymoron

"Conservatives" have no political philosophy. They are all identified easily today, as the party of the elite, but as sure as Marx showed in the 18th Brumaire, the bourgeoisie have no coherent interest beyond their own personal short-term self-aggrandizements. However, being an elite doesn't compel one to realize that fact, even though the various and sundry strategies such people use to stay at the top of the social hierarchy know no single philosophy. So "conservative philosophy" takes the form of evasion. They might pretend to be for "individual rights," but they are really for a limitation on such rights, so as to protect the "deserving" in their domination of those who "don't count." They might pretend to be for "property," while at the same time being con-men and thieves, like they were with the S & L scandals. They might pretend to be for "deregulation" while at the same time using government to stay on top (as did Enron), or for "privatization" as long as things are privatized into their hands. The justification of predatory behavior knows no single strategy -- it's all a shifting attempt to avoid being caught. Tom Tomorrow's most recent comic reveals conservatism in its basic spirit.

17 November 2002

The case for pessimism

1) The Bush Administration is going to invade Iraq this December, as Scott Ritter says, killing 250,000 people and setting off a worldwide depression or at least a serious crisis.

2) The “Office of Homeland Security” will become George Orwell’s Big Brother, so that nobody complains in the midst of this depression.

3) Crude oil prices will fly out of sight in eight years, creating a mad and hopeless rush to find alternative sources of energy.

4) Global warming will create lots of natural disasters with concomitant plagues and famines.

Were you wondering why we need ecosocialism?

1) Get the car companies out of the car business so that we can have lots of electric cars.

2) Get the US to pay reparations for all the crimes it and its proxies have committed. Get all of the other aggressor nations (Russia, China etc.) to do the same.

3) End the third world debt game. Let people work for each other, abolish the elites both managerial and owning.

4) Employ all of the jobless people cleaning up capitalism’s messes.

5) Get government to work right by making everyone the government.