26 August 2005

my new group on MySpace

It's called Global Sustainable Society and I'd encourage all who read this message to join...

I posted a series of links to the group, however, which may be lost if MySpace decides to delete my group. Here is a duplicate copy:

here are some links which may interest subscribers:

Bill McKibben's article in the May '98 Atlantic Monthly -- this kind of thinking is good at identifying problems

The folks at ratical.com are interesting and I would encourage you to read their posted articles.

Marc Weisbrot's piece about the decline of the dollar

John Bellamy Foster's piece on Jevons' Paradox -- also check out his brilliant The End of Rational Capitalism

Kees van der Pijl on the current political situation

The site where you can get Joel Kovel's book -- there's another site run by Routledge where you can get Capitalism Nature Socialism, the journal Kovel edits.

The peak oil people -- I think they focus too much on production, not enough on consumption, but I respect their opinions as they are largely a bunch of retired oil geologists.

The Dieoff.org site -- neoMalthusianism at its most complete.

Walt Sheasby's article on Peak Oil -- Walt was a dear friend of mine who died of West Nile virus in August of 2004. His piece on the Peak Oil discussion will leave the reader with more doubt than certainty, but is nevertheless worth reading. Also, here is Walt's bibliography of ecosocialist works.

The Directory of Intentional Communities is a good place to find communes, which themselves (if they are stable, and do not just degenerate with everyone going their own way) serve as prefigurations of what a global sustainable society could look like.

Under the current social framework, money is an important means of mind-control, and its purchase on power (in the United States) can be discovered through a browsing of the FECINFO web page, which charts campaign donations -- although given the presence of interlocking directorates, it may be difficult to distinguish one faction of the moneyed elite from another...