23 September 2004


Here is a Walt Sheasby article on the "Peak Oil" issue that may raise some eyebrows. I've also made a copy here.

Growing the Red-Green Paradigm, an article about ecosocialism.

Corporation Capitalism: How The System Hid For A Hundred Years, an article about corporate history.

Ralph Nader and the Legacy of Revolt, an essay about "populism" and "progressivism"...

Handy Hints For Building Your Own Ralph Nader Campaign, a Nader strategy/ joke collection for 1996.

George Soros and the Rise of the Neo-Centrics -- this article is probably also on Yoshie's weblog too...

Objections to Nader, a discussion of why Nader chose not to run as a Green in 2004.

"Coming Up with a Mixture of Integrity and Diversity," a 1997 article discussing problems with the Greens.

"Third Parties '96: Birds of a Feather," an article about a conference in January of 1996.

A report on a Pittsburgh meeting which I attended with Walt...

the Manifesto for a New Green Movement, the call-to-action which wound up being the Green Alliance.