15 January 2004


Oh nooooooo....

boo hoo hoo

the fundies will take over

(and maybe they'll bomb Serbia, starve Iraq, end welfare, and help
kill off a quarter of the world's economies -- oh wait! Clinton did
that! He's one of ours! He inhaled! He plays the saxophone! He
even named his daughter after a Judy Collins rendition of a Joni
Mitchell song (and we all know Judy's cool, after what she did and
said at the trial of the Chicago Seven)! Never mind!)

but wait!

Bush HAS ALREADY BEEN re-elected!

he won 70% of the vote

carried every state

The Repubs won 350 House seats and 47 Senate seats

it was all a fraud of course

The sole vote-caster, the President of Diebold Corp., was last seen
hiding with Dick Cheney in his bunker

the "opponents," now a subsidiary of DLC, Inc., were all given
handsome buyoffs... and a portion of the next Presidency was brokered
into their hands...

the only thing left now is the tearing of the flesh

the revolt of the body against the insanity of the mind

the collapse of what's left of the ecology as humanity fights itself
in a death-struggle


remember, it's ALREADY HAPPENED

it will appear on your TV screen (if you still dare to own one) next

and that's the circus

you ought to be angry at the INSULT TO YOUR INTELLIGENCE that the
WHOLE THING represents

especially DEMOCRATS who only hate atrocities if REPUBLICANS are
caught doing them

No wonder their Party is in such disarray!