04 April 2003


Chomsky once said something about how the American economic system was "socialism for the rich" -- this article establishes the inner circle...

01 April 2003


There's all kinds of speculation out there, but most of it is talk designed to delay the most probable possibility: bloodbath. You can read authors like Geov Parrish holding out that tattered white surrender-flag of hope: "the resistance will continue until the Americans can find a graceful way to leave." Forget it, Geov -- the Bush regime is likely to crush Iraq even at the cost of genocide, because W. won't take "no" for an answer. Like Madeleine Albright said: "It was worth it." Wake up to history: from the massacre of the "Indians" to the slavery of Africans to the millions killed in the Philippines, the puppet regimes in Latin America, the 25-year war against Vietnam... Americans kill, and kill, and kill, and kill...

I see no signs whatsoever that the Bush regime is going to do otherwise. This Administration has a sense of hubris that will last until it leaves office......

31 March 2003


I know it doesn't have a lot to do with ecosocialism, but turning public opinion against the war has got to be a priority right now.

Here is some news from the front that you won't see in the mainstream media.

Additionally, a couple of thoughts that came up while reading an article in Znet, thoughts I was also entertaining while attending the march in Los Angeles yesterday:

1) The creation of public spaces is more important than the things which are expressed in them, at this time. The biggest threat to social change at this time is the abolition of democracy through the abrogation of public space. The Movement should work primarily toward the disruption of privatized life, and the spread of democratic expression of opinion to every corner of the globe, and only secondarily toward refinements in the expression of its opinions.

2) Public opinion is king. Even dictators need public support. Changing public opinion is more important than marching, or getting arrested, or selling bumper stickers, or of organizing meetings between people who are already of our persuasion. Let's organize our thoughts to achieve maximum persuasiveness, across the board, and then move into the places where people are undecided, and bring them around to supporting us.

30 March 2003


Some say Iran is.

(From Dr. Menlo's blog)

More on Iran and Syria.