12 February 2003

Ecosocialism, as an ideal, will only come about as a result of massive social change -- and at the forefront of social change are the movements of social change. Exchanges of intellectual ideas, utopian ferment, are important, but what gives such exchanges their whiff of hope are actual social movements, popular strivings to bring into being a society that is different. Fortunately for us, such movements exist aplenty. Go to United for Peace, type in your state in the search engine, and attend the events closest to your residence. From there, of course, people will tell you when and where you can get involved.

Specialists: There is a new Yahoo! group called "ecosocialists" -- one of its more interesting posts is Joel Kovel's Theses On Ecosocialism", very cogently written. You will need to be subscribed to the list if you want to check it out.