14 July 2006


on the so-called "left"... pieces like this bring it out... it's time for a talisman to remember how bad things have gotten.

It's important to remember that Bush is where he is because the elite is solidly behind him, and that he makes a great punching bag in order to deflect responsibility away from the Democrats, whose failure to present an alternative to Bush's policies keeps him in place. I expect that, once again, we will see on the Republican side a "leader" as tyrannical or idiotic as Bush keeping up the elite's end in a capitalist world that no longer pretends to be rational. And the Democrats will nominate his twin brother, under the banner of the "lesser of two evils."

Imagine, if you will, convention hall after convention hall stretching to the horizons, filled with "progressives" in an eternal Boston, in a year 2004 frozen in time, all listening silently while a billion suited John Kerrys spout pro-war rhetoric unto eternity. You scream as loud as you can to wake yourself from this horrid nightmare, but your voice has been restricted to the convention-approved "free speech zone" conveniently located under a bridge miles away from the convention halls. It would make a great horror movie if it weren't so real.


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