13 July 2006


On Sept. 6th, the League of Women Voters will be hosting a

Debate in NYC with "major candidates or officially recognized parties," qualifications in an attempt to ensure Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins for US Senate won't be in the debate.

Howie Hawkins was not invited to this event, and stemming from my discussion with the NYS Executive Director Rob Marchiony, it is possible Hawkins will remain excluded from the debate.


Because Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate for US Senate.

Although it is ultimately Rob's decision and not the NYC division of LWV, I'm requesting Greens, Hawkins supporters and democratic-elections advocates around NYS to call the NYC LWV as well as Rob and urge them to allow Howie in the debates while Rob is mulling it over. Please tell him and the LWV staff nicely that you WANT HAWKINS INCLUDED IN THE DEBATE.

I also informed Rob that -- after Tasini loses the primary, which he will ---that will leave just Clinton, the Republican, and ...Hawkins. Does Rob really then want to exclude Hawkins, in that case? "Hawkins is telling voters he is Plan B when Tasini loses," I told Rob--- and, hopefully you will repeat to his staff.

With enough phone calls flooding in, I want to show Rob he really needs to think twice about his decision and include Hawkins in the debate as there are hundreds of watchful and angry voters tracking his decisions.

If Rob decides to stick with his original decision of only allowing "major candidates" in the debate, he will be very, very sorry.

And I will need YOUR help in making sure he and LWV will be very, VERY sorry.

Although he will be leaving his post at the end of August (which could be positive for us, and hopefully for the organization as a woman will be taking over the League of WOMEN Voters), I want us to raise a very loud, very public ruckus LWV. Pretty much anything to get them really bad publicity will go, including the usual protests, to expose them to be the Democratic front group that they often are, should Rob remain firm on his anti-democratic stances.

Unfortunately, exclusion from LWV debates is nothing new for us Greens, but this time around, let's give 'em hell if they dare do so.

League of Women Voters,
(212) 725-3541

NYS: Rob Marchiony,
Executive Director
(518) 465-4162

Harangue the national office about this affront to democracy:
Washington DC:
(202) 429-1965


"Hi, I'm from (NYC, etc) and I heard there will be a Clinton debate here soon.
Great job on getting Clinton to actually come to a debate! But my candidate so far isn't included in the debate -- I'm supporting Howie Hawkins for US Senate, and I want him included in the debate. Will you be inviting Hawkins to join the debate soon?"

(depending on the answer...)

"Why not? You do know that Tasini is going to lose the primary, and then that just leaves Clinton, the Republican and Hawkins, right? Wouldn't you want to make sure then, that Hawkins gets in on the debate so New Yorkers know they have an anti-war choice in the elections?"

(depending on the response:)

"What kind of group are you guys? Are you TRYING to suppress certain candidates from being able to publicly speak? Are you actually a non-partisan VOTERS INFORMATIONAL organization or a FRONT GROUP FOR THE DEMOCRATS? "

(At that point, that is most likely the farthest you will go with the LWV, so say goodbye if you haven't been hung up on already.)

Sally Kim


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