11 December 2006


From Dictionary.com:


done or made using whatever is available; "crossed the river on improvised bridges"; "the survivors used jury-rigged fishing gear"; "the rock served as a makeshift hammer" [syn: improvised]
Patrick Cockburn's most recent piece in the Independent is, of course, about Iraq -- but one of his observations should require us to take notice: "The overriding political purpose of the US administration in invading Iraq was to retain power at home. It would do so by portraying Mr Bush as 'the security president', manipulating and exaggerating the terrorist threat at home and purporting to combat it abroad. It would win cheap military victories in Afghanistan and Iraq. It would hold 'khaki' elections in which Democrats could be portrayed as unpatriotic poltroons." So let's be clear on this: we've had two rigged elections, one in 2000 and one in 2004, a mass media that bails out the Head Politician time and time again, and a war, just so the elite (by now having been refitted to neoliberal standards of domination) could have George W. Bush as its President.

Is Bush the remaining excuse to continue the charade?


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