23 September 2006




To: Amy Goodman, Democracy Now

Hi Amy,

Could you please invite Howie Hawkins, who's running for US Senate in New York against Hillary Clinton? He wants the troops out of Iraq now, Medicare for all, Equal Marriage Rights for all, the Death Penalty abolished, opposes NAFTA and the Patriot Act. These are positions that many New Yorkers would unfortunately confuse Hillary Clinton with.

In fact, the Working Families Party, recently made this statement: "Like Jonathan Tasini (the challenger to Hillary in the Democratic primaries), the Working Families Party opposes the war in Iraq. It has not made us safer, and hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent overseas that should be directed to pressing needs at home. The WFP also enthusiastically supports Hillary Clinton for U.S. Senate."

Jonathan Tasini was not given a chance against Clinton because he was not able to raise 500,000 to debate with her.

Howie Hawkins of the Green Party has also been denied any debates despite repeated requests, so it would be a tremendous help to not only his campaign but to social justice if he were to speak on your show. While Clinton's Republican challenger John Spencer will be debating with Clinton, Hawkins has been denied a chance of doing so. By revealing truth, the mainstream media will be challenged as a "balanced" and "equal" outlet as they continue to deny the very voices that speak to the majority of people in this country.

Hillary Clinton, an alleged "front runner" for the Presidency in 2008, must not be allowed to take for granted the majority of the people in this country who oppose the extension of the War in Iraq and who want universal health care. She voted to authorize force in Iraq, voted repeatedly to authorize more funds for Iraq and refuses to vote for a timetable in Iraq. She opposes a single payer, universal health care system and has been one of the largest recipients of corporate funds, some of which include support from the infamous media mogul, neo-conservative and Fox news owner Rupert Murdoch (who helped fundraise for Hillary).

Howie Hawkins was in Vietnam Vets Against the War as a former marine, was a founder of the Green Party, is a current member of the Green National Committee, a life-long advocate of nuclear disarmament, and is a writer on Social Theory, Cooperative Economics, and Independent Politics.

In addition, he pledges to help work on the biggest issues of our times. He pledges to end the continued Israeli occupation under the active support of the U.S. He proposes shifting 300 billion in the military to transition to renewable energy which would help stop global warming. This is a proposal developed by Ross Gelbspan, who in 1998, brought together a team of scientists, economists, and retired oil industry executives at the Harvard Medical School to develop a Clean Energy Transition plan. Jonathan Tasini also advocates a 300 billion shift in a sustainable energy plan.

Howie Hawkins deserves a platform of millions of listeners to hear his voice. Hawkins has been endorsed by figures such as Ralph Nader, Anthony Arnove (Author of Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal) and Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejía (the first soldier who went public with a refusal to be redeployed to Iraq).

Please put him on the show and give Peace and Democracy a fighting chance.


The Undersigned


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