01 August 2006


Cursor.org has most recently spotlighted two blog entries on Israel's war in Lebanon: Tony Karon suggests that the driving force behind this war is office politics, not in Israel, but in Washington DC -- the neocons need another war to disguise the civil war they've started in Iraq, and this was the open war possibility... also Joshua Micah Marshall thinks that the neocons are behind this too, even from his anti-Hezbollah perspective. Meanwhile, Raw Story suggests that nobody is there to fill Bush's extra troop demands for Iraq.

May I remind the amateur analysts blogging away at this matter that the search for puppet masters (which in this case means the neocons in the White House) is always dependent upon the assumption of a pre-existing hive mentality, which I discussed in my piece on The Borg's relevance to politics. Indeed, when Alex Jones (Infowars.net) complains of "the Neocon brainwashing that the world has been subjected to over the last few years," the hive mind is implicated. Dispelling the assumption of a hive mind, which is to say thinking and acting divergently, is the antidote to the "conspiracy theory" analyses which so pessimistically outline the continuity of elite rule. No hive mind, no puppet masters. Perhaps one of the crowning aspects of the Bush Administration is its testing of the limits of this hive mind, thus the inadequacy of US troop reserves for what it wants to do, thus his lousy poll ratings, and so on...


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