05 July 2006


Now that midsummer is upon us, and we can expect no more holidays until Labor Day, the news has turned to nothing. Some experts are telling us that Osama bin Laden is becoming more important, whereas the CIA shut down its special unit last year. We all know that if they really thought it was important they'd pull the family connections to have bin Laden do something bad here in the States, so as to boost Bush's ratings in the polls.

So while you wait for global warming to scorch your planet, you might check out the new issue of the Monthly Review. The articles are only now beginning to be posted on the Web. The main thing up now is William Tabb's article which connects economics to politics. The research-portion of Tabb's article is worth looking at -- unfortunately, though, his milk-and-water conclusion says next to nothing:
The last conclusion is that simply voting for Democrats may not essentially change what needs to be changed. Only when elected officials face a well-organized and mobilized popular opposition do they pause in simply voting for what the rich want.
I hope we're not at the point yet where prominent authors are routinely executed for suggesting an alternative to the Two-Party System...


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