19 June 2006


This article confirms my suspicions of the complete bankruptcy of "liberalism" in this era. When McGovern was running for President I was ten years old, and I passed the hat at a family potluck in August or September of 1972 to get a bunch of money for a friend of the family who was a broke McGovern campaign worker. Then, McGovern's populist Keynesianism seemed like the right choice. Today, neoliberalism has greatly deepened the imbalances of global capitalism, and so our generation faces a much starker choice -- and ecosocialism stands today as the only alternative to the bankrupt Washington Consensus. McGovern seems to think that "union leaders who still see American businesses as the enemy must update that vision," but, really, workers still need to control businesses so they can retool America and the world for a global sustainable society. It has little to do with "more." We might live in "a global and far more competitive economy" than in 1972, but I don't see any businesses lining up to offer me anything resembling a future. Eh?


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