13 April 2006


This headline graced the LA Times front page today.

Most Back Tighter Border and a Guest-Worker Plan

How about a poll that asked these questions?

1. Should Mexicans be legally allowed to enter that 40 percent of Mexico (i.e. California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Texas) that the US stole from Mexico?

2. Should the US take any responsibility for the fact that its well-subsidized agribusiness interests drove Mexico's corn farmers out of business under NAFTA, thus bringing them to a desire to make money here?

3. Would you terribly mind the economic downturn that would occur after all the "illegal aliens" are sent home, taking their labor with them?

4. Would you like to pay more for products that are cheap now because they are made with the cheap labor of illegals?

5. If the US dollar were to lose 99.9 percent of its value tomorrow, wiping out the American economy, would you feel good about entering a low-wage "guest worker" program in Canada to feed your family?

6. If you knew someone in a country more prosperous than yours (as do half of all Mexicans), would you want to live there?

7. If global capital can move from one country to the next without facing a border wall, armed guards, and immigration authorities, why should working people have to face these things?

Lesson to be learned: the LA Times poll seems to indicate that the US is still hypnotized by the ideology of American exceptionalism, which tells them that the problems faced elsewhere by the workers of the rest of the world are something they don't have to worry about, because the US is an "exceptional" nation. This ideology is fed by US foreign policy efforts to keep the rest of the world down. Perhaps American exceptionalism will be shattered by a collapse in the value of the US Dollar at some future point.

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