22 April 2006


See here... Arnove is right on -- the only way to promote the antiwar movement is through an antiwar movement, not by replacing sellout Republicans with sellout Democrats...
The establishment media went out on the third anniversary looking for protests. They've got to have a story that lets them off the hook. They had a story: Where are the protesters? People don't care, people aren't paying attention and that story's not the real story. So we gave a gift to our opponents and to the media.

Instead, a number of the organizations that might have been organizing that protest are focused on the midterm congressional elections. Now, I'm not saying that they have bad intentions. I just think they are making tactical, strategic mistakes. I may be in a minority position with the antiwar movement but I want to argue that position to as many people as I can because I think the antiwar movement would be stronger if it weren't oriented on the midterm elections and if it were oriented on a different set of political priorities.
I guess this is as polite as you can say it... "the antiwar movement is SOLD OUT to a prowar Democratic Party while American drags the world down into the coming Dark Age" is the rude version...


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