22 March 2006


A young woman from the California League of Conservation Voters came by...last night... I didn't get much information out of her (it was nighttime, and very cold outside) but I suppose most of the information is on their website. I suppose it makes a difference that the goons who run bourgeois democracy know we are watching them and that we don't appreciate their cult attitudes, not that it will change the nasty process that selected them or anything.

I did not donate money -- my mom gave her $20 -- but I read her brochure, and the thing that struck my eye was that of the abject failure of California's legislature to pass any meaningful bills requisitioning alternative energy for the people. No, alternative energy does not solve capitalism's environmental crisis, but at least it would have been a sweet gesture for those who will have to suffer through the future the capitalist system has planned out for us. Look, the CLCV's "environmental scorecard" is here, and their recommendation is to write letters to representatives. Am still trying to make sense of all of it...


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