21 February 2006

Cursor found this one -- good ol' depleted uranium... An article in Counterpunch -- whose authors are well-intentioned though they sometimes play fast and loose with their sources -- suggests that the Democrat notion of Strategic Redeployment" will be on the table in this year's elections. The article Gagnon refers to can be found here, though the ideas have of course been on the table since last year.  I tend to agree with Gagnon's thesis. It's important to recognize at this point that politics-as-usual is a shell game, and that the pain will end when we reject the shell game.

Perahps the attainment of revolutionary consciousness in this regard comes about in three steps:

  • 1) we stop hoping and praying for the Democratic Party to rescue our hopes,
  • 2) we mobilize a real organization for our interests that doesn't cop out to the old paradigms of patriarchy, nationalism, and capitalist economy
  • 3) we stop imagining that discussion of ecosocialism is not "just talk," just as a plan to do something is not "just a plan."


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