27 May 2004

To the editor of commondreams.org:

It's pathetic to see the Left cave in to a candidate like John Kerry who hasn't promised them anything and who in fact has only promised that he will make things worse while running a better PR scam so as to make you think they're getting better.

It's POLITICAL SUICIDE is what it is.

Let's "stop the war" by voting for a PRO-WAR candidate like Kerry who will send more troops to die in Iraq. Let's save the country's infrastructure by voting for "Mr. Fiscal Prudence" so we can have fewer social services. Let's fully fund the No Child Left Behind Act so that our children can be the test-taking robots we always wanted. Let's take back America from the rich by voting for a guy who promised the rich he'd look out for their interests first and last. Let's bring back American foreign policy from the brink of doom by electing a guy who wants to overthrow Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Let's throw out the Republicans' Bush so we can elect a Bush of our own!

You encourage such political suicide by publishing stuff like this John Pearce article:

with no response from the Nader people. I want to see that response. I'll WRITE that response if you want.

Pearce makes no mention of the possibility that large numbers of his poll respondents aren't going to vote, or that Kerry might actually have to OFFER SOMETHING to progressive voters to swing Nader votes away from Nader.

Or that Nader might actually 1) get into the debates and 2) win the election.

Of course, it might take another point of view to mention those things. You didn't offer it.

Here's another point of view you should seriously think of publishing:


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