07 May 2003


MSNBC is apparently willing to risk extremely low ratings in order to promote a right-wing agenda. I've watched some of their stuff, and I have to wonder how infantile they feel they can be and still keep a viewer base. I imagine the next terror alert: "America Beseiged By Cooties -- President Fingers Syria as Source." A list of nations can be drawn up as belonging to the Axis of Cooties, whilst national representatives angrily declaim at the UN headquarters that their countries do not have cooties. Tom Ridge can post Cooties Inspectors at every airport, as Colin Powell proclaims the next war will be about so-and-so's possession of Cooties of Mass Destruction. NBC Nightly News can play their militaristic theme song, followed by their slogan: "America Has Cooties: Day 63."

Now, the events of 9/11/01 were and are no joke, but if the Bush Administration can't be bothered to come clean about its role in allowing that tragedy to happen, then their handling of the whole to-do about "terrorism," and the behaviors of the mass media that sponsor them, deserve all the ridicule they can get.

Heck, I'm not all that sure what this all has to do with ecosocialism, but I guess I imagined ecosocialism as a manifestation of the maturity of the human race, of humanity growing out of old institutions of war and exploitation and competition, and TV news all looks and sounds like it was written and presented by little boys for little boys for the sake of infantilism.

Turn off, tune out, drop out.


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