22 July 2004


The world is "on the edge" ecologically.  Capitalism is dismantling the ecosphere.  Yet, nevertheless, what we here in American politics is nothing but a great call to conformity.  "Vote for the lesser of two evils," all right-minded people are being asked to say.  Neighborhoods with caring people are being marshalled to champion the cause of "Kerry for President."  Yet voting for the "lesser of two evils" will do nothing to save the planet from human greed as pursued within the force-fields of capital.

Voting is hardly important.  What is important about the current gossip in American politics, here and now, is that energies are being channeled into electing a President who will be

*anti-working class

and these energies would be better spent

*stopping the war
*bringing freedom and happiness back to the world
*ending the class struggle

But this election is much more than a waste of time.  If Kerry is elected, we can expect the Democrats to spend the next eight years defending Kerry's

*anti-working class

policies against those Republicans, who "everyone knows" are more evil than the Democrats.

Eventually the "lesser of two evils" destroys the world with its evil.

So here it is, the Democrat Pledge:

"I will stop voting for the 'lesser of two evils' and actually uphold a principle or two rather than selling out to corporate money in (circle one):2004   2006   2008   2010   2012   2014   2016   2018   2020"

Who will sign first?

Oh, please read this:


"Of course, while we act tough, we talk softly. Therefore, working people believe all of our progressive-sounding rhetoric while the powerful still benefit from our actual policies. That is our greatest virtue. And with the help of more ex-radicals turned sensible, pragmatic Democrats like you to convey our message, we can definitely save America. For ourselves."