29 June 2003


From this website:

"Matthew Simmons has been a key advisor to the Bush Administration, Vice President Cheney's 2001 Energy Task Force and the Council on Foreign Relations. An energy investment banker, Simmons is the CEO of Simmons and Co. International, handling an investment portfolio of approximately $56 billion. He has served previously on the faculty of Harvard Business School."

Here's this guy who is hosting this conference to discuss the Hubbert Peak, and he's advised the Bush Administration on energy policy?

Did they invade Iraq to get the oil "for America" (i.e. for W's parent corporations) before the price goes up? And if so, what's happening with all these explosions along the pipeline? Wouldn't it have been easier to use Saddam Hussein to guarantee Iraqi oil, and use the Taliban to guarantee the pipeline connecting central Asia with the Indian Ocean, than to create the current state of warfare that defines Iraq and Afghanistan today?

The whole idea of the Hubbert Peak is that the human race is sucking the globe dry of oil and that the price will skyrocket when production starts to run up against "natural" shortfalls. This idea, rather than providing the impetus for ecosocialism, appears to have been sold to the worst species of capitalist predator, with the inevitable results.